Tingyu YUAN  
Executive DIrector

Tingyu YUAN holds the specialty background of Tourism Management, Comparative Law, European and International Governance. Since university, she practiced passion in the field of voluntary education, tourism planning, legislative research, environmental litigation, legal service, and fair trade promotion. Her experience spans the ground reality, decision-making research, executive facilitation, and justice alignment within the private, governmental, NGO, and youth association sectors.
Area Manager - Middle East

As a Middle East specialist with expertise in dealing with public and private sectors across the region and in working with multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies, Doaa is responsible for Middle East relations with YPSDG.
DOAA graduated with a BA from the faculty of commerce and business administration from the Helwan University in Egypt. She started her career in PR working in a variety of organizations in Egypt.
Country Coordinator - Libya
Computer Networks Consultant

Masters in Computer Networks and AI in China.
Worked for 2 years as project manager for Yiqi, one year as a supervisor in the submission department in the Turkish embassy in Libya, and a year tutor & consultant in institutions of education in Libya.
Program Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Asmita Baidya holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree with a finance specialization from Shinawatra University, Thailand.  She had worked with various non-for-profit organizations for the last 3 and a half years in Nepal. Prior to joining YPSDG, she worked with the Society of Public Health Engineers Nepal (SOPHEN) as Accounts & Office Manager, where she played a crucial role in the successful conduction of “International Conference on Water, Environment, and Climate Change (WECC): Knowledge, Sharing and Partnership-2018”.
Country Coordinator - Malawi

A passionate youth leader and advocate for youth development in Thyolo District, Malawi.
A teacher by profession.
A volunteer as a Male Champion and Data Collector for Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) project and Executive Member of Thyolo District Youth Network.
A young African Leaders Initiative(YALI) Member, Maohunziro 265 Ambassador, Commonwealth 100 cohort( open leadership program) Inclusive Leadership Program and Sustainable Development Goals Voices(SDGs cohort 1).
Sustainability and Culture Specialist

-Ph.D. Candidate of Anthropology at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Lausanne
-Master’s Degree in Anthropology and Sociology of Development at the Graduate Institute Geneva, 2019
-Bachelor Degree in Anthropology at the University of Tehran, 2011

Her scope of work is in the realm of visual and material culture. Over the last decade, she has been working on the reproduction of art in Iran. Her focus on sustainable development has led her to her current project on the sustainability of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in the global market.
Scientific Officer/ Environmental sciences/Geologist/ Hydrologist.

Rabah is a versatile researcher and has several degrees in the fields of geology, mining geology, and environmental sciences. He obtained his degrees in various international universities and on three continents: in Algeria, Switzerland, and Canada. His research in the field of environmental sciences (hydrology and climatology), is focused especially on the topical subject of global warming and its impact on water and the environment.
Rabah has published two scientific articles in two international scientific journals "Advances in Water Resources" and "Journal of Hydrology". Rabah is a member of the Quebec geologists.
Rabah Mazouz