YPSDG works closely with an international network of distinguished actors who focus on the implementation of the SDGs Agenda and identifying strategic opportunities by involving sustainable enterprises. Our mentors, experts, and partners consist of representatives from (not limited to):


         United Nations Family Institutions;

         International Organizations;

         Civil Society;


         Member States;


         Private Sectors.

Designed by young professionals with experienced scientists, society leaders, and academia, for young SDG professionals, the YPSDG aims to:

        INSPIRE young professionals with leadership potential to develop their careers in different SD

G goals with more focus on equity, peace, Green Growth, climate change and industry.

      CONNECT young professionals with Development experts and established business leaders, who serve as role models.

       INVOLVE young professionals in the development agenda and governance.

       MONITOR the development agenda and Human rights within their societies.

Dr. Vinay NANGIA
Senior Agricultural Hydrologist at International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

Dr. Hartwig Kremer
Senior stuff member in United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
Dr. Morgane Anziani-Vente
Specialist on development aid, partnerships, capacity-building, water and sanitation governance and knowledge management
Director General, Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health (GIWEH)

Dr. Nidal SALIM
Dr. David Jackson
Director, United Nation Fund for Capital Development (UNFCD)
Dr Canisius Kanangire
Executive Secretary of the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW)
Head of strategic planning and management at the Nile Basin Initiative
Regional project manager for the UN Office for Project Services
Dr. Dietrich Bartelt
Founder/Owner of DB Holistic Consulting
Former elected Secretary of the European utility organization, EURE (European Utilities for Renewable Energies)

Professor at the National University of Public Service (NUPS) in Hungary
Deputy Assistant Director General for Sciences in UNESCO
Dr. Szöllösi-Nagy
Dr. Lee Hak-soo
K-water CEO
President, Asia Water Council
Dr. Hammou Laamrani
Senior Integrated Expert, Centre for International Migration and Development (GIZ and German Federal Employment Agency)
Senior Expert at the Arab Water Ministerial Council
Coordinator of the regional initiative on the Nexus Water, Energy and Food security in the Arab region, League of Arab States
Professor at School of International Studies
Associate Director of Institution of Area Studies
Research Fellow at Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Peking University
Lead Water Resource Specialist at The World Bank Group
Dr. Marcus WISHART
Dr. Kamal Mustapha Gueye
Director of Green Jobs- International Labour Organization (ILO)
President- IAH- International Association for hydrogeologist
Prof. Dr. Antonio Chambel